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简介如何预防地震英语作文_如何预防地震英语作文80字加翻译       我很了解如何预防地震英语作文这个话题,并且可以为您提供一系列的信息和建议。请告诉我您需要了解什么。1.关于怎样防



1.关于怎样防范地震的英语作文 带翻译 初二的水平



关于怎样防范地震的英语作文 带翻译 初二的水平

       it is important for us to know how to prevent us from being hurt in earthquake . the most effective way is to depend on ourselves. we can get everything ready before it happens . we must keep enough food and drinking water with us . when it happens keep calm and don't run about .follow the correct orders .only in this way,can we get the most chance to survive in earthquake. 对于我们来说知道如何在地震中免遭伤害是很重要的。最有效的方法是靠自己。我们可以在地震前把一切准备好。我们必须随身保持足够的食物和饮用水。当地震发生时 要保持镇静,不要乱跑。遵循正确的命令。只有用这种方法,我们才能得到最大的生存机会。


       First, do a good job in earthquake prediction.

       You Yuzhao before the earthquake. Now we know this is the omen: groundwater changed muddy, up flowers, bubbling, Bianwei; chickens and ducks Zhuyang span Luanjiao; rats flight, the fish in the water Luantiao. This situation indicates that the crust will be bent, broken crease, to the earthquake. At present no country in the world difficult to accurately forecast the earthquake, China's earthquake prediction can be said that in a world leading position. Most can be pointed out that earthquake prediction in an area within a certain period of time may have an earthquake. In 1976, before the Tangshan earthquake, in Haicheng, Liaoning Province has happened more than six of the earthquake, impending ago, the Government has repeatedly urged the interior of the resettlement of all people in the earthquake Peng Li, and repeated propaganda that only the earthquake, the results of casualties The number reduced to a minimum. Therefore, prevention is the key to earthquake forecasting timely, well-prepared, master of the ambulance when the earthquake knowledge.

       Second, the development of family earthquake plan.

       Once an earthquake, we can make our electricity, water supply, heating systems, traffic systems, daily necessities supply systems, information systems, and medical and health system was a certain degree of damage and affect people's normal life, so We should develop a family earthquake plan.

       First of all to exclude interior height of the suspension, cabinets, Mujia on vertical display of items, and change its placement, its not easy Zhendao wounding. At the same time to remove all flammable and explosive materials. Bed to move far away from the windows of some areas. Fangsui seals affixed on the window. Earthquake kits easy to crawl on the place. For out of danger, you may only crawl a time items, which are急用items, it will help you tide over their difficulties. These items include cash, drinking water, prevention of influenza and dysentery, and other drugs.

       Third, schools should do a good job of preparation before the earthquake.

       In primary and secondary schools should be universal earthquake knowledge, Chun-school training programmes should be preventing earthquakes, if an earthquake is class, the teacher should immediately give students a simple and clear instructions to enable students to the spot in the eyes closed V under the desks. A region, in a certain period of time may be in an earthquake. Families and schools to regular communication. Earthquake conditional schools should prepare disaster relief items, such as: emergency medical supplies, cold rain supplies, tools, etc., and classes or classroom distribution, until the hands of individuals.

       If the earthquake occurred how to protect themselves

       The event of an earthquake, if outside, do not and around buildings, chimneys, poles, and so any possible collapse of tall buildings or trees, to leave the bridge, highway interchange, to open more in the field of security. Although the earthquake was caused by the natural population casualties, but nor is it can not be prevented. If we can grasp the opportunity to use Earthquake knowledge can protect themselves if the earthquake occurred before observed that the birds, animals, unusual restlessness; squatted earthquake occurred at the table can reduce the harm brought about by the earthquake. Thus, learning earthquake knowledge is very important.










       Earthquake disaster is one of the natural disasters that cause the most serious economic losses and casualties in the world.?

       We should strengthen the study of earthquake science knowledge and correctly master the methods of shock absorption, self rescue and mutual rescue.

       We should listen to the earthquake warning and learn to look at the omens before the earthquake, such as the abnormal flying, fleeing and barking of animals. We can also prevent the occurrence of disasters in case of early reporting and evacuation.

       When an earthquake occurs, the indoor triangular space formed after the collapse of houses is often a relatively safe place for people to survive. Especially for people in buildings, choose places with small space such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as spaces and corners that are not easy to collapse.

       Tables, beds and other solid furniture spaces can be cushioned. Protect your head with cushions in time. Don't jump from a building blindly or use an elevator. We must use scientific methods to protect ourselves and our homes and jointly prevent disasters.

       Today is the day of school earthquake drill. All teachers and students participated in it. The teacher has explained the specific situation to each of our classmates again and again. The teacher's hurried cry came from the broadcast of "earthquake is coming".

       We quickly put our schoolbags on our heads and "whooshed" out. Each student didn't want to fall behind and ran crazy to the playground, while the teacher kept order and evacuated the students in an orderly way. All teachers and students of the school evacuate at the specified time. We must learn to save ourselves.

       We also need to read more books on earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.

       Tell everyone around you the knowledge of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, so that these knowledge can be spread ten or ten to a hundred, so that everyone knows how to protect themselves and reduce the disasters brought by the earthquake when the earthquake comes.

       Let this knowledge accompany each of us and make each of us have the consciousness of earthquake prevention.